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This year I found myself under a timing deadline to get settled into a lease in the Burbank / San Gabriel Valley sprawl. Doing this during the pandemic was especially difficult because low turnover on rentals meant there were not as many options and landlords were being very particular with their requirements. I was struggling bigtime because I was also balancing two different work projects and couldn't divide my attention to pounce on housing opportunities. I never imagined that I could get so much quality assistance from a realtor unless I was looking to purchase, but Tiffany was recommended by a friend who is a realtor (realtors recommending other realtors? that's a huge commendation!) and she completely changed the game for me. Her knowledge of the area helped me to narrow down neighborhoods and knew where I should look based on details that she knew were important for me, my number one priority being finding a safe and happy place for my reactive dogs to chill. Every time I wanted to settle for a place that was less than ideal, she turned my heart around, and even better, didn't try to talk me into any places that I didn't like. She contacted so many properties on my behalf that I thought for sure Tiffany would have to get tired of the struggle, but she never lost confidence and was tenacious about getting responses from landlords and had great instincts for knowing which places to pursue and which ones not to lose time on. Tiffany's confidence and intuition are what makes her a stand-out. She was incredibly easy to work with and I felt very well taken care of. I'm really grateful for her "let's do this!" attitude and her willingness to share what she knows. Are there stars to hand out? Because I want to give Tiffany five of them!

Thank you for entrusting me in helping you find your home. Whether you're looking to buy, sell or rent, I'm excited and motivated in helping you accomplish your goal. 

Tiffany Wopschall

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